Scapple for iOS

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Wed Dec 02, 2020 5:20 pm Post

I'm planning to use Scrivener and would love to use Scapple but the "no iOS" makes it a "no" for me as my only ideas management solution

I will take a look at Morpholio but in the meantime, I'm trialling SimpleMind - a mind map app on iOS, Mac and Windows that has the feature of allowing crosslinks - arbitrarily linking two topics. I'll delve into if this can be used without limit for a true many-to-many mapping. The .opml the desktop version generates seems to pass into Scrivener ok, with topics as documents and notes as the document contents.

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Fri Dec 25, 2020 3:02 pm Post

Please. Make it.

A New Year's resolution. To port.

Scapple to iOS!

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Scapple is in my opinion the absolute best mind mapping software out there. The new Ipad Pro with keyboard and pencil is screaming for an iOS version and so are we. How difficult would it be the adapt to iOS? Scapple and Scrivener on Ipad Pro how amazing would that be? Get it done.