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Re: Is Scapple abandonware, or the next best thing?

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:11 pm
by lunk

Re: Is Scapple abandonware, or the next best thing?

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:36 pm
by xiamenese
BerlinKhan wrote:Hello everyone,,
I'm a Windows Scrivener user and see that Scapple is still at V1.0 for Windows, and it has been out since. . . When? 2013, 2014? I've been doing the stuff I could do with Scapple by using Freemind and OneNote 2016 (don't like the online version of OneNote much!). I downloaded the free trial and I notice that Scapple is only $15, but I hate the idea of spending even $15 smackers on software that is being allowed to age into irrelevance. What is the general consensus on Scapple? Are they in for the long haul with this product?

Umm … the info in the sidebar says Mac, and this is the Mac forum, but you say here you're a Windows user!

But to put some flesh on the bone @Lunk has thrown you, Scapple for Windows is coded by LAP and Tiho_D who are currently deep in trying to get Scrivener v. 3 for Windows ready for launch. I doubt if they have any time and energy at the moment to turn their attention to Scapple.

Equally, Scapple for Mac is developed by KB, the ultimate arbiter, who also single-handedly develops Scrivener for both MacOS and iOS. While I can have no idea what he is working on at the moment, he has said in the past that he has new developments for Scapple that he would get round to when he could find time. In the context of all that, there is of course Catalina 10.15 for Mac and iOS 13 due out from Apple sometime soonish, for which he must be working on any compatibility issues.