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I wish I could control the Project Statistics separately to the Compile Draft controls.

I've recently learned that Project Statistics counts whatever I include in my Compile Draft window options. Once I realised this & set the Draft to compile ONLY the text & not the notes, I lost 20,000 words from my Project Statistics (which was good news, luckily).

In my Drafts, I need my notes. But in my Project Statistics, I need only to know my word count + page numbers for the actual printed story.

If we could unhook these 2 functions, Drafts & Statistics, it'd be really helpful for my tracking.


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I'm afraid there are no plans for unhooking them at the moment, certainly not for 2.0. The trouble is that Compile Draft has a lot of options for getting the final draft into the right format and shape, and you wouldn't want to repeat all of these options in project statistics. What you can do, though, is just select the Draft folder and then use Project Statistics to get the word count for that, choosing to include all subdocuments. That would give you just the text word count for the Draft folder.

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