Copy Scrivener text files to other Scrivener projects

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I keep a Scrivener file called 'Ideas', which is a miscellany of articles & thoughts, some of which I later work up into stories. I'd love to be able to save out one or more of my Ideas text files into a new Scrivener project -- much in the way MS Excel can save tabs into new Excel documents.

Something for the Wishlist! :)


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I haven't done this often, but you may open up a second Scrivener project and drag/copy files between them. If you want to copy, hold down the Option key while dragging.

I store all my ideas, links, etc. in DevonThink Pro. The Sorter in version 2 gives you a quick place to store anything, from e-mails to links, files, images, etc. In the forum, search also for EverNote, Together, Yojimbo, and other note/idea managers.

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Actually, you don't even need to hold the Option key down. Just create a new Scrivener project and drag files from the binder of your existing project to the binder of the new one.

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