Percentage targets

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Wed May 27, 2020 4:37 am Post

Currently, Scrivener supports targets by word count or character count.
And extremely handy option would be percentage targets. I'd like to be able to set percentage targets for folders throughout my template to act as guides in drafting a new project. Then, when I start a new project, I just choose my template, then go to Project Settings and set an overall word count appropriate to the project (novels are longer in fantasy but can follow the same structure as in YA, etc.), and all the word count targets for the sub folders will automatically reflect that.

So if I had, say, three act folders each set to 33% and entered 100,000 for the project target, the progress counters for each act would progress toward 100%=33,000 words. I believe this would fit into the current design with one small change. Only folders and documents would have the "percentage" target option, and when selected, their progress bars and target counters would reflect the unit chosen for the project (words or chars).