Automatic Back-links not automatically removed

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After creating a Document Bookmark, pointing DocA -> DocB, Scrivener automatically creates a back-link from DocB->DocA . (Yay!)

When the Document Bookmark pointing DocA -> DocB is deleted, the corresponding back-link from DocB->DocA is NOT automatically deleted, and must be removed manually. (Boo!)

Assumed/expected behavior is that Scrivener would remove the automatically generated back-link along with the original Bookmark, although the manual is silent on this point.

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Hi Jim, This is by design, inasmuch as there's no way for Scrivener to tell after the link is created that it was done so automatically or that having removed the link in the other file, you also want it deleted here. Bookmarks aren't a two-way link but rather a one-way connection from A to B; the option to create the back-link simplifies the process of creating the second pointer back to the first document for those who want it, but there's no connection between those two bookmarks, and it's no different from you manually adding a bookmark. So automatically deleting a bookmark from A pointing to B just because a bookmark from B pointing to A was deleted isn't always safe assumption.

That said, it may be possible to do this (automatically check when deleting a bookmark whether there is a corresponding bookmark in the other document and delete it if so), so I'm moving this to the general Wishlist section, since it would in that case apply to both platforms.
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