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Thu Feb 08, 2018 5:37 pm Post

If you haven´t already, please consider adding
  • search field for link to existing document, as exists on iOS
  • search field for preferences

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The way linking works on iOS is adjusted to suit the interface limitations. On the Mac you can freely drag and drop items around, which makes for a more flexible system overall. One of the many things you can do when dragging an item is drop it into a text editor to create a link to it. As for the search interface, try the one that is right in the main toolbar: Quick Search. It works a bit like the iOS search field does. True it is an open-ended tool, you can do many things with the search results, but one is to drag the result and drop it. :)

With preferences, try searching in the user manual. The topics that discuss features will often refer to any available preferences that modify the core behaviour, and of course Appendix B itself goes over the whole list, and can be searched as text.
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