Weak words in Linguistic Focus

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I wish there was a focus mode for weak words like "really, very, things, stuff..." It might even be nice for the exact list of weak words to be customizable by the user.

Being able to display the words with some kind of underlining instead of just faded would be nice.
In the case of weak words, I'd even like it to be permanently turned on so it reminds me to double check if I really want to use such a weak word.

Also, and I know grammar checking tries to do this, but passive voice would be another great option for linguistic focus.

One other thing... if I have the linguistic panel open and then enter the shortcut for showing it ( cntrl-apple-L) it should hide panel. Right now it just disables it.

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It would be nice – there's one now! – to be able to input a list of perceived weak words for reporting in Linguistics Focus (LF). LF is a great addition to Scriv, after all. However, I'd not like the list to be in-built. Most apparent weak words can be used to great effect. Hence the mantra: There are no rules. (e.g. I love the way Pullman uses "very much". It has a voice similar to the way the GoT writers use, "What is it?" for the Starks.)

I was less fond of the passive but now I'm really, well, just very fond of it :D

For technical and business writing, I do believe that the passive is less desirable. For fiction, however, I've concluded that the author should be in control. I fell into this trap early on and it wasted a lot of time and energy over it. The passive is fine in fiction providing that's what the author intends.

Now, the pluperfect! That's a tense that needs much more focus.

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