List Features (Check Boxes and Numbered Sub-Lists)

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I'd like to request the addition of check boxes as a list option and also when creating numbered list I'd like to request that sub-list switch to the alphabet, in example:
1. Example
a. Example Sub Item
b. ""
2. Example

Thanks, hope people find this suggestion as helpful as I would.

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A GREAT suggestion idea!

I would only add that expanding the options in general and offering a few more ways to build numbered lists would be a big help.

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Have a look at this thread where the same thing was already requested, as I provide some tips on how I approach to-do lists in Scrivener.

As for the list tool in general, that isn’t terribly easy to modify on either platform unfortunately. It’s on the “pie in the sky”, list along with a bunch of other improvements to the text editing component that would take too much investment of time and resources to accomplish, but nothing immediate.
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