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Using Linux Beta: Version: beta (64 bit) - 21 Jul 2014

Dear L&L,
Yet another thank you for all the thought and effort which goes into developing Scrivener. As a daily user, I value being able to use it as a native application in Linux. I cannot imagine doing my writing and research collection without Scrivener.

One request: settings memory for the keywords window. Ideally this would include:

* Size of window
* Position of window
* Sort status & order

This would eliminate a minor annoyance for those of us who use keywords extensively and keep the window open while we work.

With best wishes,
Alec Satin

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Wed Jul 01, 2015 9:23 pm Post

Yes, we don't care for how it works currently, either. This has already been marked down as a problem to be fixed. :)
Ioa Petra'ka
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