Publisher's/Editors version of Scrivener

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Thu Nov 13, 2014 1:57 pm Post

This is a very unformed idea, but the reasoning behind it is simple.

It would be nice if agents, editors, and publishers simply accepted (a version of) manuscripts in scrivener format. That would cut out a lot of work and eliminate the problem of having post-Scrivener production versions of manuscripts all over the place. Ideally, Scrivener would become an industry standard format. It is annoying that the current industry standard format is a word doc.

I noticed that many agents and publishers are frightened of attachments. "Post your novel in the email" ... right.

One way to make this attractive to those who receive submissions is to make a "Scrivener cloud" which would possibly use the writers' dropbox account or other cloud account. The editor/publisher simply receives a trusted link to that cloud source, and on that cloud server is the .scriv file to read.

This goes along with the submission database idea (separate topic post), perhaps.

The editors version would have an added layer of comments/changes/trackchanges/whatever for the editor/agent to use.

It might include the ability to generate reply emails automatically and/or to keep track of submissions on that end.