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Thu Nov 13, 2014 1:52 pm Post

When it is time to submit a manuscript to agents or publishers, things can get complicated.

It would be nice to have a system for helping manage this process built in. I got this idea when I used Scrivener as a database to manage all the submissions to a bunch of agents, using scrivener "scenes" for each submission, and moving them between folders based on status.But that is not how I'd do the database.

The parts of this function might be:

1) Contact list for agents/publishers
2) a non-manuscript folder including email text, cover letter, treatment or narrative summary, etc.
3) The ability to "compile" a submission using the items in the non-manuscript folder and check boxes for which sample chapters to include, etc. The generated product might be a copy of an email to copy and past into client (or scrivener could access email directly) and a list of links to attachments. Or something.

A related idea is the Publisher's/Editors version of Scrivener, which I'll submit as a separate idea.

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You might like to look at

Also available for iPhone and iPad.

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Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:38 am Post

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Story Tracker looks good, but it's Mac only.

It might be possible to construct the kind of submission database you suggest in Scrivener, using MMD, but I think Scrivener is the wrong tool for that job.

I wrote my own submissions manager years ago, and tweak it as I go along and discover new things I'd like it to be able to do. I'm writing a series of articles about it, discussing some of the issues that arise, such as avoiding simultaneous submissions. You can read the first article by going to my Writer's Journal at, or go directly to the PDF:

If you're willing to do a little programming, it probably would be possible to write a program like this in Something like FIleMaker Pro or even FreePlane.