Shortcut "Switch to Bibliography manager and Find"

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I am coming from the Bookends where I requested the following:

In a major academic writing project spanning several years I frequently encounter temporary citations which I have to look up in Bookends because I do not remember what the citation was about. This involves typing in the author name and comparing the date with that in the temporary citation. It would be nice if I could just klick the temporary citation to jump to the reference in Bookends. I know that I can choose "Copy Hypertext Link" to create such a link but then Bookends does not format this link in the end. Is there an option to have BOTH? A temporary citation which would also work as hypertext link? Or do I miss something obvious?

I have to add that I use Scrivener as my main word processor.
Unfortunately, the developer said that my idea is not feasible but he suggested to implement something (a "simple AppleEvent", in his words) which is obviously already existent in Mellel: A shortcut which copies the highlighted text, switches to Bookends, fires up the search function and pastes the text. I think such a function (termed "'Switch to Bibliography manager and Find" by another user) would be also useful in Scrivener (at least for me) and save a few seconds in each instance.



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This really would be useful, and if Jon of Sonny Software is correct (highly likely) not too difficult to implement in Scrivener, because the feature is already in Bookends for Mellel to use.