Forthcoming update to Take Control of Scrivener 2

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Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:49 pm Post

About a year and a half ago, Take Control Books released my Take Control of Scrivener 2, the official guide to Scrivener. Written with the assistance of the fine people at Literature & Latte, this book has been very popular, and has helped a number of Scrivener users get more out of the program.

It's time for an update. While not much has changed - I wrote it for version 2.1, and Scrivener is currently at 2.3.1 - there are a number of little tweaks and enhancements that deserve to be covered.

I'm currently working on the update, and will be looking at all the changes that have been made since the release, as well as adding and expanding some sections of the book that I, or the people at Literature & Latte, feel need more extensive coverage.

But what about you? If you have the book, are there any sections that you think merit more coverage? Any features you'd like to see explained? Feel free to post any comments you have here, so we can provide the best possible guide to using Scrivener.

BTW, this will be a free update for all those who have already purchased the book. And, for the month of September, there's a 50% off sale over at Take Control, so you can grab a copy of the book now at half price, and get the update when it's released at the end of October.
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