Feature wish: more writer productivity metrics tracking

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Hi there,

I love Scrivener so much I've actually used all three versions: Mac, Linux, and Windows. I'm back to using it on the Mac on my brand new fully loaded Macbook Air. It's great.

The one thing I find I need as a writer (and believe in, in general) is metrics. My thought is that the more metrics I have, the more I know when I'm productive and how productive I am. This kind of data is immensely useful as I attempt to define when my most productive time of day is, where it is (location: e.g., coffee shop, home, the park, etc.), and how productive was I.

The word counters (total word count, etc.) are a great start, and I use them heavily (they're very motivational). I'd like to see, for starters, a simple timer that I can start at the beginning of each session which records when I wrote, how long I wrote, how much I wrote, and the total word count of the project (or sub-pieces of the project).

I keep a log of my daily achievement of my "5 minute minimum every day" goal, as well as my total word count at the end of each days writing. Adding the feature(s) requested above would assist me in continuing to track my achievement of that goal and stay motivated.

Of course, more metrics and data are always better than less (it's the economist in me talking), so anything else you'd want to add while you're at it would thrill me. Perhaps some sort of productivity log? With all the time written, where written, how much written, and some sort of measure of relative productivity so that at a glance a writer could tell that they're most productive between the hours of 2-4, at the coffee shop, without internet? This could maybe be implemented as a number of simplified drop down menus so that the data collected stays clean: e.g., Location __dropdown___, start session timer.

Anyway, just a thought. Loving Scrivener as always... thanks for all you do!

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Hi lf,

I don't know whether Keith - Scrivener's developer - favours providing more metrics (my own view is that requirements for these are quite individual and can be satisfied by other programmes, and therefore no need to re-invent the wheel). But in the meantime (you probably know all this, but in case you don't) there are plenty of Mac timers (here's one: http://www.macmation.com/TimeBoxed) and quite a few spreadsheets available around the web, most working on Excel but some also transferable to Numbers.

Certain of them are connected with NaNoWriMo, and therefore only measure a month at a time; you can find them in NaNoWriMo's forums, and of course you could adapt them. But this one is for an indeterminate period: http://www.truckpoetry.net/2009/09/novel-workplan-spreadsheet.html.

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Thanks Hugh for the link to the novel worksheet. :D
Blessings, Stacey

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