Scrivener for iOS - What Do You Want? [PLEASE READ FIRST]

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I have loved Scrivener since the Windows beta version came out (I don't use a Mac) and that is one of my major wishes, that it work with the Windows version, but if it is a stripped down version it should work with both.

The only things that I really need are the binder view (maybe a slide over like someone mentioned that works like mail) The Editor/cork board/outliner view. (Even if the outliner view is strictly read only)

Double tap select to move things in the binder/cork board would be wonderful.

And working with Dropbox is a must, I don't sync with my pc via the cord very often so I need it to work automatically as I am constantly running around to doctors appointments and such and having all my info at my fingertips is a must have.

Oh, and autosave like we are used to.

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Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:15 pm Post

I would echo the call from posters above for italics and some way to work with footnotes. I've been synching with simplenote, but it's a challenge not to have italics or footnotes.


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Fri Dec 16, 2011 6:19 pm Post

I'm looking for Scrivener on the iPad. (Woohoo!) I don't care about having an iPhone version. I will use it for new composition, revision of existing prose, and creating/editing/viewing of "metadata": research, lists of characters, places, etc., all in the context of the binder. Serious restructuring, production of output formats, and such like, I would do on my desktop machine.

Here's what I'd want to see:

1. Rich text editing.

2. Display and editing of any text item in the binder. (I use IndexCard with Scrivener, and while it works the limitations are annoying.)

3. The ability to rearrange things in the binder (and add new items, of course).

4. If the binder can actually display a tree view (rather than being a list with folders that you have to drill down into) that would be outstanding.

5. Index card view and regular text view. In particular, I want to be able to edit both the summary on the index card and also the main body of the text.

6. Superlative sync'ing with the Mac version of Scrivener. If possible, I would prefer that this be done through Dropbox rather than through iTunes file sharing; it's comforting after a writing session out and about to save my text to Dropbox and know that it's been backed up and doesn't only exist on my iPad. I don't want to have to wait and sync my iPad when I get home.

7. A clean minimal appearance for serious composition and revision of document test. I currently use Nebulous Notes for that purpose; it does a pretty good job of it.

For the iPad version, I don't care about:

1. Creating, adding to, or (for that matter) viewing collections.
2. Setting keywords or other metadata.
3. "Scrivenings". If I can edit individual items, that's good enough.

Thank you, thank you! This is excellent news!

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+1 for sync.

Ideally, it would be an invisible process. Just start up on the desktop machine or iPad and the latest version of the current file is there.

For the time being, I can't conceive of my iPad being my main writing machine - but I can see it as something that will allow me to work when away form the desk for a few days - especially for polishing, editing etc. I really like the way that iCloud keeps everything in sync on my Mac, iPad and iPhone, or that the Kindle app on my iPhone knows where I got to in my last iPad session.

As far as usage is concerned, just give us the binder (swipe right to reveal perhaps), a good full screen no-distractions mode for getting words down, and seamless sync, and I'll be first in the queue.

And thanks for taking the plunge!

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Fri Dec 16, 2011 10:48 pm Post

PS: would be nice if the forum supported Tapatalk for reading/posting on an iPad/iPhone... ;-)
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Sync is critical, but it would be nice to have options other than DropBox. iCloud, iTunes, WiFi.... No need to support all of them, but I'd rather Scrivener To Go wasn't tied to a single provider.

I see myself mostly using iPad Scrivener for outlining, synopses, and generally playing with the structure of a work. I'm unlikely to do any serious writing or editing on the iPad. That goes double for an iPhone version.

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As someone commented above, I wouldn't be doing major editing on the iPad. So, my needs are basic:

1. Sync.
2. Being able to have my current Draft and Research (access to my character/location sheets) at hand.

I don't really need access to my metadata, collections, etc.

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Sat Dec 17, 2011 10:51 pm Post

syncretist wrote:• Speed. The variation in responsiveness of apps is quite wide, and there are some iOS apps that are just snappy. Even on an iPad (1), for instance, a certain competitor to Scrivener which also starts with "S" has an app which is VERY quick to use while writing, and this includes full formatting capabilities.


Robert, which app is that?

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Sat Dec 17, 2011 10:58 pm Post

Syncing, with at least Dropbox and iCloud options


Customizable extra row for keyboard, as in DT

In general, as similar as possible to Scrivener for Mac. I understand that split screen on iPad is tricky and on iPhone is almost insane, but who knows, perhaps some users can manage. Having the option does not mean you HAVE to use it. Of course I understand there are limitations,the hardware ain't the same.

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iCloud integration for sync with the Desktop version for Mac! That way if you're out with your iPhone or iPad, you can insert a new idea into Scrivener and have it synced to your project at home! On the iPhone 4S you could even dictate your new idea!!!

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Sun Dec 18, 2011 8:29 pm Post

Wow! I've been waiting for this news since I got the iPad! Finally!
I use my iPad mostly for on-the-go working, or when I just want to jot stuff down, make changes or additions that pop into my head while I am wandering around.. But yes, I would love to see my fav features from Scrivener into the iPad version.

Here is what I would like to see in my Ideal vision of Scrivener for the iPad:

The screen is split into two parts:
The right hand side is for the writing bit, which can become a full screen if you want to.
The left hand side could be like a quick look panel - where one can choose what one wants to see - a cork board with the index cards, or another file from which one needs to refer from, or an image or even an audio file. 8)

And of course, if you could add syncing via iCloud, then it would be marvelous! :D

I hope you can have these feature in the iPad version - it would make life so much wonderful!

Meanwhile, I would also like to take the opportunity to wish your iPad dev team all the best of luck!


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Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:50 pm Post

LarryT63 wrote:On the iPhone 4S you could even dictate your new idea!!!

You certainly could, and Siri is pretty good (not 100% but good), I've been using it to add Christmas tasks things to the reminders app.

Siri did create a reminder to "Buy rucksack" which was strange as I didn't make a note to do this and as already about twenty rucksacks* which means I'll be in real trouble at home if I buy any more!

It was "Buy Christmas Crackers" I'd said.

*My handbag is a rucksack. I have small rucksacks and bigger rucksacks; rucksacks for running short runs, running long runs, short walks, long walks and very long walks; rainproof rucksacks and waterproof rucksacks; rucksacks for climbing at the gyn, climbing real mountains and climbing even bigger mountains; for using on my bike and for using when I'm out with my twins (No rucksack is ever quite big enough for that task!).

I even have rucksacks for carrying rucksacks**

**Actually I don't, but I suspect if they made one I'd queue up for it.
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I currently use Nebulous Notes as my iPad remote Scrivener, and using that as a starting point I'd be happy with just two additional features on top of it, for Scrivener iPad:

1. Nebulous is currently closely tied to Dropbox. Keep the Dropbox sync, of course, but where Nebulous currently has just a hierarchical list of "Local Files," I want to see my Binder.

2. RTF editing. Currently, having to go back and check to see if there's any formatting that's been lost in the sync is a PITA.

I haven't done any iPad development, but it's my understanding that designing an app to do RTF editing is a chore. Apple doesn't have any built-in RTF API on iOS. That's why there aren't any iPad apps which do it. So you could easily spend all your dev time just trying to get RTF to work.

Perhaps if you supported just a subset of RTF. Boldface, italics, comments and footnotes would be enough for me.

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Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:18 pm Post

Cobbling together what I have read and adding my own bits I see this:

A hierarchy that can be re-arranged somehow (by folder or tag?) and viewed
The ability to compile these as far as the order of the documents

Both the Draft and Research folders


Preservation of any formatting

*Seamless integration with the desktop

Comments, annotations, footnotes available somehow, maybe as separate folders or parts of the app
It would be cool if these were as flexible as documents in Scrivener

The ability to view a PDF

Saves writing and editing in RTF

Saves a ZIP backup file to Dropbox

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The same level of support for right to left lenguages that is found on the Mac version would be a great feature, especially since there is, currently, no program that offers adequate support for writing in these languages.