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Fri May 23, 2014 12:34 pm Post

I've got a project that has suddenly taken on a sluggishness that I can't account for.

The Move Item Up, Down, Left, Right commands are taking 10 seconds or more to complete.

I run the command, nothing happens for a few seconds, then the cursor goes "busy," the title bar says Not Responding, and it remains that way for several seconds.

As the process ends I notice in the task bar what looks like another Scrivener instance appear for a tiny fraction of a second, the disappear. Then about a second later, the actual Move happens. This happens even immediately after a reboot.

Basic Up, Down, Expand, Collapse work fine. It's unrelated how many sub documents there are.

I also find that more often than not, when I issue the command, the laptop's fan revs up, like it's really working. My laptop isn't the latest or most powerful, but it's been more than capable of handling projects larger than this -- and in fact other projects of comparable size or greater are working fine, even when loaded along side the problem one. In all cases, the projects are almost entirely text. There are roughly 1000 files in Docs (which I'm guessing is typical...?)

Does anything here suggest a known issue?

I'm concerned that I might be looking at some kind of corruption, etc.

Lead me not into user error.