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BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (OLD)

Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:58 am
by LAP
Hi Folks,

For a detailed list of new features and bug fixes in beta see the following post: (for beta 1 fixes) (beta 2 fixes)

This post pertains to the 3rd beta release ( and addresses the fixes we've made since released on the 12th Feb 2014.

Beta download is here:

A brief overview of fixes addressed in this beta include the following:-
- Fixed several formatting problems when pasting from the Chrome browser, including text using hyperlink formatting and negative font sizes and spacing, so the text appeared scrambled on top of itself.
- Fixed a bug where text pasted from Google Docs appeared with a black highlight after closing and reopening the project.
- Fixed a bug where selecting multiple inspector comments or footnotes and copying them did not correctly copy the text of all the selected notes.
- Fixed a bug where Ctrl+ or Shift+clicking inspector comments and footnotes did not always correctly select multiple notes. Ctrl+A and the "Select All" option from the inspector comment and footnote context menu also now select all notes rather than the current note's text unless the note is in editing mode.
- Fixed a bug where external links in inspector comments and footnotes could not be opened.
- Fixed the Scratch Pad hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+0) to toggle the Scratch Pad rather than only working to open the window.
- Fixed a bug where exporting a script to FDX format via File > Export include the editor page colour as a text background colour.
- Fixed a bug where deselecting "Automatically check for updates" did not disable the associated pop-up menu.
- Fixed loading webarchive files imported on the Mac to display as unsupported files with the original URL in the footer when possible.
- Refined the behaviour when selecting an inspector comment or footnote to scroll the editor to display the linked text more prominently.
- Fixed a bug where the add inspector comment and footnote options were not properly disabled when the selected text included an inline notation.
- Fixed a bug where Scrivener links to untitled documents used the document ID number rather than "Untitled" as the link text when no text was selected.
- Fixed a bug where snapshots were not preserved correctly when merging documents.
- Fixed a bug where merging documents could result in duplicate document references.
- Fixed a bug where applying a formatting preset to an empty line prevented new text typed in the document from appearing and caused other display glitches.
- Fixed a bug where changing the group view mode would sometimes lose the editor selection.
- Fixed a bug where changing the group view mode also moved the focus to the editor.
- Fixed a bug where clicking into the top item in a Scrivenings session that did not include the container document would still show the container's information in the inspector rather than the subdocument's.
- The "Original" preset has been updated slightly to better maintain fonts and sizes consistent with the editor text.
- Moved the Layout controls and Scratch Pad to a new "Window" menu, along with new window management options.
- Corrected the default behaviour of the Project Notes window to be part of the normal window stack, appearing in the taskbar, and added an option to the General preferences to instead keep the Project Notes window always on top of the main project window.
- Fixed a bug where the adjacent inspector comments always used the default comment colour in the editor.
- Added a Reset All Warnings button to the General options and moved a few formatting items from the General pane to the more appropriate Editor options. Also removed "Show 'Change indentation with spacing' message" from the Editor options as it is now better covered under the new Reset option.
- Fixed a bug where the main document font size changed to match the footnote size following inline annotations when compiled to RTF, DOC, and DOCX formats.
- Fixed a bug where pressing Escape when an inspector comment or footnote was selected but not in editing mode did not return the focus to the editor.
- Fixed several bugs with the focus and selection appearance of inspector comments and footnotes.
- Pared down the conversion options in the Format menu for easier navigation.
- Updated the menu text and link for the thesaurus lookup in the German translation; this now uses
- Fixed a bug where the Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Insert shortcuts did not work to copy and paste.
- Adjusted the CSS output for ebooks to ensure bold text appears correctly on the Kindle Fire.
- Added an option to the General preferences to control whether the Insert key toggles overwrite mode; this is off by default.
- Updated the keyboard behaviour to allow Alt+RightArrow/LeftArrow to fully expand or collapse an outliner node (just as holding Alt and clicking the disclosure triangle does). The Alt+RightArrow and Alt+LeftArrow shortcuts no longer toggle the Format bar and main toolbar.
- Fixed a bug with the Scrivener Link option not appearing in the editor context menu.
- Fixed a bug where imported images and PDFs could not be printed.
- Fixed a bug where the Set Selection As Templates Folder option was available for a multiple selection or on the special root folders, and added a warning when clearing the folder to prevent confusion about the New From Template menu emptying.
- Fixed a bug where the compile group was not saved after closing and reopening the project.
- Fixed a bug where the "Add front matter" setting was saved as part of the compile preset, causing problems when the project did not contain the specified folder.
- Fixed a bug causing the "Insert Image" option from the editor context menu not to work.
- Fixed a bug where the full trash icon in the editor header did not immediately update when the trash was emptied.
- Changed the accelerator key for "Save As" to the standard 'a' and changed "File > Close All" to "Close All Projects", using the 'j' accelerator.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when an editor split showing the corkboard was narrower than the size of the card.
- Changed drag and drop across editor splits to always perform a copy action rather than a move, fixing several bugs.
- Redesigned new item creation for consistent behaviour across the binder, corkboard, and outliner.
- Fixed a crash when emptying the trash while any of its contents was loaded in the editor.
- Fixed a typo in the Save Compile Settings dialog and made the folder path selectable for copy/paste.
- Fixed a bug where bold formatting could be lost when changing the font.
- Improved error reporting to display and make selectable the KindleGen errors and warnings if any are generated during compile to the .mobi format.
- Fixed a minor bug where directional move commands were listed as available for outliner items even when they did not apply.
- Fixed a bug where directional moves and shortcuts were not working in the outliner.
- Fixed a bug where annotations, footnotes, inspector comments and highlighting and strikethrough formatting were lost when converting script elements or when splitting an element into multiple paragraphs.
- Fixed a bug where character formatting like bold and italic was stripped during compile when "override text and notes formatting" was enabled.
- Fixed a bug where the document icon appeared in each outliner column.
- Fixed a bug preventing compile to Kindle .mobi format.
- The Corkboard Options to Show Pins and Show Stamps have been clarified as "Label Pins" and "Status Stamps".
- Fixed a bug where changes in global corkboard Options did not always display immediately when clicking Apply.
- Fixed a bug where text copied from Firefox and Chrome pasted as plain-text.
- Fixed a bug where cards did not correctly maintain their size when the corkboard was set to "auto" cards across. This also caused cards to flicker between sizes at certain editor widths.
- Fixed a bug where the image synopsis of image files could be temporarily cleared (reappearing when the project next loaded).
- Fixed a bug where an image file could be duplicated as it own synopsis image, creating an unnecessary extra file in the project folder.
- Fixed a bug where special characters were not passed correctly to the search engines in the Writing Tools menu.
- Fixed a bug where pressing Enter at the end of a line in script mode continued the same element regardless of the scripted action.
- Fixed a memory leak when a running compilation was cancelled via the progress dialog.
- Fixed a bug where the file format and filter settings for included documents were not saved as part of a compile preset.
- Fixed a bug when dragging and dropping lengthy texts that could cause Scrivener to crash.
- Removed the Edit > Find > Find Synopsis… menu item which wasn't yet implemented.
- The Highlight menu has been adjusted slightly to accommodate corrected submenu behaviour; use Highlight > Highlight Text to toggle highlight formatting.
- You can now set the default location (current or other editor) for opening clicked Scrivener links from the editor. New context menu options also let you choose which editor to open a link in.
- Fixed a bug where the Full Screen option was sometimes disabled for the Draft, Research, and Trash folders.
- Fixed a bug where the "Rename" context menu option did not work when in a collection.
- Added the Move option to the context menu on the corkboard and outliner.
- Adjusted the image corner-drag resize behaviour to always maintain the ratio; hold the Shift key and then drag for freeform resize.
- Revamped the Small Caps option to work as a formatting toggle like bold and italic and moved the menu option to Format > Font accordingly.
- Fixed a bug where Small Caps settings were not preserved when closing and reopening a project. (There is still a display issue with the font size in some cases when first loading the document which we have not yet addressed.)

Lee & Tiho
Scrivener Development (Windows & Linux)

Re: BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (LATEST)

Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2014 2:06 pm
by JJSlote
Thanks, Lee and Tiho. Quite a few improvements accomplished over two and a half weeks.


Re: BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (LATEST)

Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:25 am
by Sciley
Wow you guys have been busy! Thanks so much for all the work you always do!
Off to try out the new beta :)

Re: BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (LATEST)

Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:23 pm
by patlecat
Scrivener still crashes hard when opening the web links I mentioned before. This time I got the 1st time message. 8)

Re: BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (LATEST)

Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 9:37 pm
by MimeticMouton
Thanks, patiecat. There haven't been any changes in the web-import behaviour since the earlier beta, but this is on the list to be addressed.

Re: BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (LATEST)

Posted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 1:27 am
by vortexae
I am absurdly happy to now have my Compile "Content" selection persisting between individual Compile attempts. Not having to go find and select from the drop-down menu the individual document I want to compile MMd -> HTML every single time is such a relief!

Re: BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (LATEST)

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:15 pm
by Raúl Martín
When the "Correction Mode" option in windows version? :(

Re: BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (LATEST)

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:18 am
by narrsd
Lee, just to let you know I'm back on board.

This is great, what you and Tiho have been putting together.

I had been looking, but in the wrong places.

Now using the Beta on some serious writing, The first to be a complete rewrite of a complicated paper about something that fine which happened near the conclusion of the Pacific war.

Scrivener seems perfect for this -- you write, you discover. Then a whole will change.


Re: BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (LATEST)

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:23 am
by narrsd
Well, a question too.

Any chance we will see File/Sync/With External Folder in Scrivener Windows before long? As you'll know, this with Dropbox can open interesting opportunities.

I actually find the iPad to be good for some kinds of writing.

Not only can you be at a location, the thumbtyping routine somehow is a bit like using pen and paper for finding that state where you can think in between what you write down, which I feel is very valuable.

Anyway, I have been holding off on asking for this, but it may be the time ;)

Take care,

Re: BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (LATEST)

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:23 pm
by patlecat
narrsd wrote:Any chance we will see File/Sync/With External Folder in Scrivener Windows before long? As you'll know, this with Dropbox can open interesting opportunities.

Hey Clive, using Dropbox with files that you intend to earn money is kinda risky, I hope you know that? :?

I use the secure which also makes it easy to setup the folders that are being synchronized, when I want it! So use that and you'll be safe and the synch is automatic or manual, as you need it to be 8)

Re: BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (LATEST)

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:31 pm
by narrsd
Are you selling something, paticat? If so, bad form, and especially not welcome here in a nice and contributive community.

I lived in Switzerland for a long time, and am always interested in what a company there can do. But this doesn't help.

I think you are spreading FUD about Dropbox, though. It's fine. Ene of story.

Anyone sensible doesn't 100% depend on cloud services, or a single technology of any kind. In fact, and especially because of Dropbox's store and forward method (Evernote too), it's much safer than just having a piece of writing on one machine. As losing my small tablet last week proved.

I can think of other reasons you might write such a post, but none reflect well, so let's just leave the subject.


Re: BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (LATEST)

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:05 pm
by narrsd
Back on the subject of iPads and Scrivener, I've found and am just trying out the new StorySkeleton app.

I think this may cover needs until the real Scrivener iPad app comes out, so really I don't need to ask you guys at Scrivwin Central for any extra features.

Smiles there I know ;)

In fact, StorySkeleton appears to work very smoothly indeed, and especially with Dropbox.

It exports actual Scrivener projects now -- I had planned to use the OPML, but didn't need to.

I also think the developer is being very polite towards L&L futures. It's clear from their capabilities, which include also direct RTF which opens fine in Word, that they could do more than they do.

I think what they do is just fine, and it's going to be easy to work with it, then extend to full Scrivener projects, having had the benefit of iPad niceties to work with notes and structure. Others seem to feel this as well.

And then, iPad Scrivener, when it comes ;)

Re: BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (LATEST)

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 6:05 pm
by Sparrowhawk
You are fixing the font-changing bug between Mac and PC! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Re: BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (LATEST)

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 6:09 pm
by MimeticMouton
Sparrowhawk wrote:You are fixing the font-changing bug between Mac and PC! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

We hope so! This one has been difficult to reproduce in some cases, despite being regularly seen by a few users, so we greatly appreciate feedback from the beta testers to know if the issues they're seeing with this are resolved.

Re: BETA Released on 1st March 2014 (LATEST)

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:43 pm
by Sparrowhawk
Sigh, sadly it seems you still have some kinks to work out on the Font Changing Bug between Mac and PC. It's still changing fonts. But it is better - at least it's all one font now (before I had it changing into a sans-serif bold font for the first two lines and a monospace afterwards for each document). It changed all font to Times New Roman (on my Mac it was Book Antiqua - which I have on the PC as well). And, of course, because the new save overwrote the file, it's now TNR on my mac too. Oh well.

Additional info:
Running current version of Mac OSX Mavericks on my Late 2011 Macbook Pro.
I have two PC's - one using Windows 8.0 the other using 8.1
Font Changed from Book Antiqua on Mac to Times New Roman on PC. Fonts saved on PC opened correctly in Mac.

Good luck! I really hope you all can get this figured out soon!