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I'm still moving pieces around in that project where I merge documents, and where, under certain circumstances, the editor blocks on a file that does no longer exist.

Now this just happened again: the editor was blocked, I clicked in it and then Scrivener crashed without any message.

I open it again and I click on "search results", to continue what I was doing.
Three files are there, of which one does no longer contain the search string : That paragraph was a copy, and I removed it just before merging two other files in the session that crashed (at that time, this document was not open in any of the two editors).

I made a new search on the same search string, the document is still there, without these words inside, nor in the title, document, keywords or synopsis.

I made another search on other words from the same paragraph, and that file is still among the results, just as if the deleted text was still there.

No undo being possible, I copied that paragraph back to the file, then deleted it, and now the document does no longer appear in search results.

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Normally when Scrivener is closed, it updates the index file used for the project search, but since your session crashed, that never happened, and Scrivener would still have been using the information from the previous open, before you had merged files around. It should have rebuilt the index on open since there was a crash, so I'll check on that--it could be this is getting skipped in cases where it shouldn't be.

If you notice the search misbehaving like this, you can use Tools > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes. It may take a minute or two to run, depending on the size of your project, but it will update the search file with all the project text and the search should work properly afterward.
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