Editor does not Reformat Highlit Text

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I have open the Binder, Documents in corkboard view, and second Documents in edit view. I select text to which a format change is needed, move the margin and indent sliders to where I want them. The change does not get applied to the highlighted text. No matter what I do. To get the job done I have to put the cursor on one line at a time and adjust the sliders. Maddening.

I also commented under "Disappearing Cursor" earlier and this appears to be related - in that I had text highlighted that a formatting change should have affected, but in fact the change will not apply. Please see other posting.

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Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:36 am Post

Do you have specific steps for reproducing this or a sample document that consistently shows the problem? I haven't been able to reproduce this in testing: selecting multiple paragraphs and sliding the indent markers on the ruler is working to adjust all the selected paragraphs.

There is a bug, which we've fixed for the next build, where applying a formatting preset to multiple paragraphs only applies it to the last-selected paragraph, but that doesn't sound like what you're doing here. Are you applying the ruler settings through a different method?

I doubt the binder and split editor set up is affecting this, but as much detail as you can offer about the text you're trying to format (existing formatting, differences between the selected paragraphs, whether there are empty lines between the paragraphs, list formatting, etc.) and the exact steps you're taking to select and format the text (whether you're using the mouse to create the selection by dragging right to left or triple-clicking, for example) would be really helpful in tracking this down!
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