Scrivener/Scapple for Windows Activation under Wine

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Can't see a way to edit my last post so:

Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky on Ubuntu 2004 using the same steps. The program aborts at "Loading spell checker engine".

I switched to Wine using their repo (advice here ) and installed the development version (5.4 at time of writing) and Scrivener now works on Ubuntu 2004.

I've been messing about on and off for quite a while now so not confident on exact steps required. I had several things that weren't installed the first time I tried and I think some of my problems relate to the extra hardware I have on a real machine vs a VM.

TL;DR: Scrivener will work on Ubuntu 2004 if you're technical or lucky enough to navigate the maze.

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efi0ng wrote:
    * I had to install winetricks
    * I set WINEARCH and WINEPREFIX once at the beginning
    * Installed Scrivener from a folder inside drive_c once that was available

I'm glad it worked for you. Your approach is certainly the easier if you only have a single prefix and for most users that's probably the case. A note about why I used WINEPREFIX for each command may be in order, in case this applies to others as well.

I have multiple Wine prefixes on my machine. so I specify the prefix to use in all commands to be sure that it not only affects the intended prefix and never changes anything about my default prefix, which I've had for many years. I have too many existing scripts, commands and shortcuts pointing to the default and don't fancy having to update them all to specify the prefix to use, which I would have to do if I were to point WINEPREFIX to another instance.
Running Scrivener for Windows on Linux Mint 18.3

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Can also confirm that instructions at start of this thread worked for me (Fedora 31 and Scrivener for Win).

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Did fresh install of 2.9 Beta 44 on Kubuntu 20.04 today (I spend more time fiddling with software than writing) and found this thread invaluable: .

TL;DR: add

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winetricks speechsdk
to the list of commands to setup Wine for Scrivener.

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efi0ng wrote:TL;DR: Scrivener will work on Ubuntu 2004 if you're technical or lucky enough to navigate the maze.

This post: solved the issues without any additional messing. I've run through the process twice now so pretty confident.

In summary, run

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winetricks speechsdk
as last step in the install process..

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Thu Apr 16, 2020 4:03 pm Post

tiho_d wrote:Wine 4.0.2 comes with Mono, which does not allow the license activation to
work. Mono apparently has problems with TLS 1.2, which is required for the
license activation component to connect to the server.
The following steps have resolved the problem for some users:

1. Open the terminal window (Ctrl+Alt+T)
2. wine uninstaller
3. Add/remove programs window will open. Uninstall Mono and close the window
4. sudo apt-get install winetricks
5. winetricks --force dotnet452
Installing a newer dotnet version is a good option and even recommended.

When you start Scrivener or Scapple after this, the license activation
component should work.

With help from a guy I call The Pro From Vilnius and the above post, the Scrivener registration server was accessible for me. Replaced Win 7 with Linux Mint, After jumping thru hoops it appears that Mono hadn't been installed so I was instructed to start at Step 4, above, and continue. I elected to load the default .NET framework rev since MS doesn't support 7 any longer.
Scrivener server accessed, I'm good to go, once again.
Thanks, amigo.