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Since I wanted to run Scrivener on a very low spec Chromebook I have converted for Linux, with very little hard disk making it unsuitable for a full Wine install and running a very slim and stripped Linux dsitribution, I started looking at turning the Linux beta version into an AppImage to be able to simply run it from a single file and not have to worry about dependencies and the like.

I figured this will save me space, and will save a lot of hassle in the long run since the AppImage will contain all dependencies, and should be possible to run on pretty much any x86 system which is running a Linux kernel.

Turns out I didn't really have to put the effort into doing that, as I stumbled upon an already setup AppImage which does basic setup of the home directory and installs itself properly.

The advantage of an AppImage is that it's really just one file containing the application with all its dependencies, and it should not need constant updating as one updates or changes the running OS.
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