Accented characters don't work on Wine (Linux)

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I'm pretty late at this but I managed to solve this problem. I've got a french keyboard, and my accents were messed up, just like the original poster said.
So, here's what I did to solve the problem step by step, which is indeed tied to Ibus.

1) Install the ibus package on your distro, either using terminal or through the software center.

2) Open a terminal and type

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and run it.

3) Navigate to your home folder, push ctrl + h to show the hidden folders, and open the file named .bashrc with a text editor.

4) At the end of .bashrc, add these lines :

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export GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus
export XMODIFIERS=@im=ibus
export QT_IM_MODULE=ibus
ibus-daemon -drx

5) Open (or create) a file named .xprofile in your home folder. Add the same lines as step 4 at the end of it. This makes Wine use ibus as well.

5bis) Optional : some distros need the same lines at the end of .xinitrc , which is also in your home folder, so this might help you.

6) Find where your autostart apps are (related to distro / desktop environment), and add this command to it :

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ibus-daemon --xim

7) Relog / reboot, and enjoy, Wine now uses iBus and you can have your accents as you wish.

This worked for me in both my laptop and desktop. The only issue I ran into is that sometimes, ibus wouldn't boot with my computer. This is easily solved by launching a terminal and typing in

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ibus-daemon --xim

Hope this helps someone !

Sources, in case you need something else :