QtSvg4.dll missing under WINE.

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I have been running Scrivener under WINE successfully for some time now, but after updating to the new 1.9.5, I started getting an error while trying to run it. I'm not quite sure what I need to install to get the QtSvg4.dll library. I suspect some other WINE users are experiencing the same issue?

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err:module:import_dll Library QtSvg4.dll (which is needed by L"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Scrivener\\imageformats\\qsvg4.dll") not found
err:seh:setup_exception_record stack overflow 1776 bytes in thread 0039 eip 7bc4ac57 esp 00230c40 stack 0x230000-0x231000-0x330000

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I get that, too. It should load and run just fine, anyway. If you install qt for windows (the sdk, I believe) it should stop.
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