Linux 1.9.01 Beta Released

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Thu Mar 28, 2019 6:36 pm Post

Alexo wrote:Hi there!

I reviewed my last attempt to make a DEB archive for the now old Scrivener for linux, and I guess am achieved the goal.


Thank you for this! Alas, I didn't see it before I went on a dependency hunt.

I am using MXLinux 18.1 which is based on Debian Stretch (Version 9) and I hit two difficulties with dependencies that you may well have solved. (If only I'd read your post first, Sigh!) Specifically, Scrivener refused to run in MXLinux 18.1, because my installation of MXLinux 18.1 lacked two particular programs/libraries (dependencies) that it needs to do so..

The first concerned "libpng12-so-0". This is available from the "normal" MXLinux 18.1 repositories by downloading the "libpng12-0" package.

The second was a bit more tricky. It concerned "". Supposedly, this dependency is contained in the "libgstreamer0.10-0" and/or the "libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0" packages which are also contained in the MXLinux 18.1 repositories. I installed both of them from the repos, but Scrivener still would not launch. I received the same error indicating that "" was still missing.

I tried again, instead downloading the packages directly from debian at the following links: and,

When I installed these downloaded packages using GDebi, GDebi returned that the packages had already been installed. ... but this time when I launched Scrivener it ran. Go figure.

Again, thank you for your work. I post this in the hope that it might be useful to someone. A concern I have going forward is that the dependency issues will grow as Linux is updated. I suppose that is everyone's concern, too.

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devinganger wrote:
Ryek Darkener wrote:As the Apple OS is more or less a UNIX, I don't think that it is that complicated to produce a UNIX package.

It's a BSD variant, but the bigger hurdle is Apple's programming environment, which is rather specific to MacOS.

It also seems that Apple's APIs seem to be diverging further over time: Cocoa does not seem to map well onto any Linux APIs.

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I am debian 10 , 32bits and want to know from @alexo or other guys if its possible install it in my distro version?

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Amiel wrote:I am debian 10 , 32bits and want to know from @alexo or other guys if its possible install it in my distro version?

Hi Amiel, yes it is working. I was using it on a Debian 10 (with MATE and Cinnamon), without problems. I have it installed and running on 3 computers, all working, in different distros, Debian 10, Debian 9, Mint 18 (this one is 32bits).

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Mon Oct 21, 2019 3:45 am Post

Just as a FYI... this still works with Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon. I was able to get it up and running after I got the missing dependencies put in place that were mentioned above. Thank you soooo much for to those who are keeping the information posted to keep this Linux version working!

I can't stand Windows 10 with all the poor quality control and spying, and with Windows 7 facing end of life, I've been migrating to Linux. Even though this is old software, it's still pretty far ahead of competitors, so I will stick with it for now.

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Thanks a lot, Alexo! You did a greaaat job. I have my windows version running under wine, but your version is better.

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HI, I have installed the Linux version of Scrivener. But even though I can see the icon on installed file, but the software doesn't load. Kindly help.
I'm running on 32 bit machine , Debian OS

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Rohit wrote:HI, I have installed the Linux version of Scrivener. But even though I can see the icon on installed file, but the software doesn't load. Kindly help.
I'm running on 32 bit machine , Debian OS

You probably don't actually want the Linux version of Scrivener -- it's old enough that there have been a lot of bugfixes, features, and project format changes since that last released version. Most folks who are using Scrivener on Linux these days are doing so by using the current Windows version under WINE.
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I was away from the Linux version for a while, since I made a lot of use of the iOS version of Scrivener for editing on the go, and even cork boarding stories during breaks and the like.

But since the Wine version has exploded in size (100 megs to 2.2 gigabytes), I've returned to running the Linux version, from AppImage, and it is rather amazing how little I miss from the Wine version I was used to. It's got a few annoying, but not serious, bugs, but it has all the basics I rely on in my everyday writing.

In all, the only thing I miss when using it, is the ability to share projects with iOS. But that hurts a lot less than the bloat of the Wine version hurts. I've always used old or cheap computers, like Chromebooks, especially used ones, for writing on when on the go. It's excellent machines, often with good keyboards and screens, but with very low disk space and RAM. That has never been an issue before, but now they can't fit the Wine version any longer.

But the Linux version fits just fine, at 64 megabytes, including everything.
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