Who want a Linux release version?

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Tue Dec 29, 2015 6:22 am Post

tjward wrote:I would like an official Scrivener for Linux.. and an Android version as well..
I understand it isn't likely to happen any time soon.

I would love an Android version. Even if it's something like Linux eternal beta, I don't really care. The only reason I still don't own a tablet is that there are still no .ODT editing apps for Android, not to mention mobile Scrivener. A tablet would be of no use for me without at least .ODT, since LibreOffice is my default text processor. And Windows tablets are either awful, or too expensive.

However, I realise that Android version is, indeed, not likely to happen. The L&L intention to develop an iPad version doesn't give any hope in this regard. :)

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I would give my right kidney and hypothetical firstborn child for an android port of Scrivener and Scapple. Scapple, especially, would translate well to the touchscreen medium, I think.
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Team Kidney!

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I'd pay for one that worked. Preferably an x86_64 rpm for current Fedora.

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Periodic reminder that L&L's announcement for the latest Linux version was also their announcement it's their *LAST* version.
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