Scrivener Linux released 15th July 2014

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Sat Jul 19, 2014 9:58 pm Post

Got same problem.

gilljac wrote:I am trying to install the 64 bit version in Ubuntu 14.04. I'm getting the following message:
"The Package is of Bad Quality" (message header)
The installation of a package which violates the quality standards isn't allowed. This could cause serious problems on your computer. Please contact the person or organisation who provided this package file and include the details beneath.

Lintian check results for /home/***/Downloads/scrivener-
E: scrivener: maintainer-name-missing
Use of uninitialized value $name in pattern match (m//) at /usr/share/perl5/Lintian/ line 203.
Should I abort the install or ignore and install anyhow?

UPDATE: I clicked the Ignore and Install button, and it installed. I see no difficulties with the installed program. I then downloaded the tarball, extracted it to a folder, and when run from the folder, it works as expected without any warnings.

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I got it running under Arch Linux. But I had to install libpng12. Looks like that's an older version, the more recent is libpng16.

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Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:08 pm Post

Unfortunately the version of Qt that we are using(Qt v4.8.5) is using png12. With a combination of freetype which is bundled with the new PDF viewer, we link dynamically and not statically against libpng library now.
Happy to see it working for you under Arch Linux, Rithe!

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LAP wrote:P.S. Update on RPM packaging:
Unfortunately, an RPM pckage is not going to be possible for us. There are a few issues which prevent us from using it despite our desire to. Firstly, there can be no inclusion of pre-built binaries or libraries. See here: ... _libraries

Secondly, and linked to the first point, the License must be a GPL licenses. Given these two barriers (that are designed to promote free software) it is not realistic for us to release our source code and change our licensing just so we can provision our software gratis to Fedora users. The community will need to work around this limitation if they wish to use Scrivener on Fedora.

Those restrictions only apply if you want to be included in the Official Fedora repositories/install media. They do not apply to Third party repositories or websites. Skype is an example of such an RPM, that doesn't follow the RPM packaging restrictions as are the Nvidia binary driver RPM's on the RPMfusion repository.