Scrivener 1 for Linux?

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Wed Nov 09, 2011 2:06 pm Post

pigfender wrote:. And then we speed along to getting you Linux folks to actually pay for something. :wink:

I can't speak for all Linux folks, but while I love the FOSS idea, not everyone else does. (Artistically, I like the creative commons license--if it's good enough for Trent Reznor, it's good enough for me.) That having been said, money talks. If a program works well under WINE, I'm not adverse to throwing some money a programmer's way along with a note that says "Hey thanks for not being a douchecanoe about linux."

Some companies (*cough* Hackshield *cough*) will deliberately break programs so they can't work with linux or WINE. We got really lucky with Literature & Latte.
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Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:29 am Post

RobHamm wrote:@Dropcap, that should be fine [...] It's basically doing the same thing as the command line method.

The question was more about the error that popped up, not the installation method. Is not having "a valid Installed-Size control field" a bad thing?

Since you and others don't seem to be having trouble with Scrivener after installing, I'll go ahead and install. I thought I should note the error, though, in case you or the developers wanted to look in on whether it is something that needs fixed or not.

This is a beta, after all :)

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Thu Nov 10, 2011 2:57 pm Post

Yesterday was a charmed computer day for me. I upgraded to Ubuntu Onereic without problems, installed Wine and purchase and installed a copy of Scrivener v 1.0.1. It worked! Like others though I can't bare the clotted looking fonts in wine so I installed the .deb offered. Beauteous! Thank you Lee and Rob and everyone who worked so hard to make this available for Linux. I've lusted after Scrivener forever, but am a die-hard Linux user so ...

Thanks again.

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Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:29 am Post

@Dropcap--Oh, I definitely appreciate you saying something; I just wanted to reassure you that it wouldn't eat your babies or drink all your beer or kick your dog or anything if you installed it that way. ;-) And yeah, Lee and company have been great about providing solid binaries, but I'm still feeling my way around the whole package-building thing, so anything that seems glitchy (for instance, the issues that I and a couple of others are having with templates) is most likely due to the fact that I'm still learning. Sounds like I have yet another thing to research how to do, now, eh?

@ekotyk--You are muchly welcome, ma'am. (Er... With "Eve" as your sig, I assume it's ma'am. No offense intended if I assumed wrong.) And yeah, Scrivener was the one thing that kept me in Mac-land for so long after discovering the joys of Linux. In fact, when my little iBook died, I resorted to hackintoshing a triple-boot PC laptop, and later on running a hackintoshed VirtualBox machine--Just so I could run Scrivener. So yeah... When I found out Lit&Latt were working on Windows and *nix versions, I think I may have actually squeed out loud. :-D

(Hope the above doesn't come off like I'm dogging Mac OS, by the way--It's a perfectly good desktop Unix distro, and it fills a need for many people; I'm just no longer enchanted by it.)
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Although PPAs are by far the most convenient, I also like Kovid Goyal's upgrade approach for Calibre. The program notifies you if there is an update available on startup. If you choose to update, you are directed to a web page with a one-line command that you can copypasta into terminal. Press return, wait a couple of minutes, and you're in upgrade city with green lights to the 'burbs. Works for me.

Last time I did any programming was to lock up a Z-80 machine with assembly language, but I imagine that for a programmer, this is much easier than maintaining a PPA, and while not foolproof, seems to get the job done reasonably well.

Just a thought. Thanks to whoever did the deb, this was the first one that worked for me (the problem was on my end, not yours).

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@RobHamm, Ma'am will do just fine and I'm not dissing any other OS's either. :)