Close Which Split Screen? [BUG LOGGED]

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When you have split screen (either Vertical or Horizontal) and you want to change it back to one screen, which screen stays open? The one in focus? Or does the one in focus gets closed?

From what I've been able to gather, when in Horizontal, the screen on top will remain opened and when in vertical mode, the screen on the right would remain.

I see that in the View > Layout menu I can Swap Editors. This means I can swap the contents of the editors to make sure I close the right screen. But wouldn't it be easier if there's some way for us to select which screen we want to remain opened? The one which is in focus perhaps?

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I may be totally off-base (haven't touched the software since last night), but don't /both/ editors have the little boxes on top? If you hit the one up on the first, that one is the primary and "over-writes" the other. If you hit the one on the bottom, that one over-writes the first.

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(In trying to make sure I got the right shortcut, I found that in the tutorial, one panel on top and one on the bottom is called Vertical Editor Screen Split, while one panel on the right and one on the left is called Horizontal Editor Screen Split, which I found to be counterintuitive. To me, when I say vertical, I mean the split line is a vertical line; when I say horizontal, I mean the split line is a horizontal line.)

I tried it just now. After several attempts to make the split screen even happen (more on that below), I found that in both horizontal and vertical splits, the panel I was focused on stayed, and the other one went away if I hit CTRL+'.
Hahaha, when I tried clicking the "no split" icon, I found this: There is an icon for the other split (horizontal if you're in vertical, and vertical if you're in horizontal) and one for no split on each panel. If you want the bottom panel to remain open, click the "no split" icon on the bottom panel ... clicking it on the top panel will keep the top panel open ... same for right and left.

My problems with making the split screen happen:
I hit CTRL+=, nothing happened. I did it several times, and nothing happened. I went to look for the icon, and found (in no split mode) an icon for vertical split (left and right panels) and an icon for no split. Once I clicked the vertical split icon, there was the horizontal split icon and the no split icon, and so I could finally get my horizontal split.
Wasn't having trouble with it in the tutorial, or when I was showing my boyfriend how cool Scrivener is (with one of my own projects). I did finally get to the point where I could use either CTRL+= or CTRL+' (in a different project; the novel still has the wonky icons), but I continue to have problems making a vertical split appear using CTRL+". In fact, one thing I noticed was an ' appearing wherever the cursor happened to be (the text, the title, wherever).
Oh, yeah ... so, in the novel, which in no split mode has icons for vertical split and no split: when I type CTRL+", I get an ' at the cursor. When I type CTRL+=, I get nothing. (For completeness, I found that when I try CTRL+', the title grays out, and so I found that when I try CTRL+=, the editor selects and the title gets blue again. That's all they do, though.)
When I hit the vertical split button, I get my right and left panels, and when I then try CRTL+=, the right panel closes (regardless of which panel I'm focused on). If I want a horizontal split, I have to hit the vertical split icon and then the horizontal split icon.
Further, hitting the no split icon grays out the title and makes a horizontal split icon appear in its place. But clicking the new horizontal split icon or typing CTRL+= does nothing but select the editor and bring back the no split icon.
In my other project, in no split mode there are the correct icons, and CTRL+= and CTRL+' work fine, but CTRL+" still produces an ' at the cursor.

If it matters, I'm running Windows 7 Starter ...
Scrivener Beta 0.2.4

Windows 7 Starter on a Gateway netbook
Intel Atom Processor N270 1.60Ghz
32 bit OS with 1.00 GB RAM