Can't add hard returns to Synopsis[BUG LOGGED]

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I want to add a space in the middle of my description--a side note to myself that I want to make sure I see (i.e. don't want it buried in document notes). I hit enter, and it selects the whole card. This isn't a huge issue, since it ultimately lets me add cards without using my mouse.

However, alt + enter works in excel, so I expected either alt+enter or ctrl+enter to give me a hard return. No dice. So I tried shift+enter. No dice. Even if this is an uncommon usage on these index cards, it should be functionality that is at least available.

***Note that this is broken in both the corkboard view and in the synopsis card on the right.

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Hmm, you are right. I would guess this is something that has yet to be added. The Alt-Return trick works on the Mac already, so it should show up in the Windows version eventually. We do definitely need a way to space out lines on the cards.
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If you go into your [Edit] and then [Options] under the [Navigation] tab you can change the return key behavior. Though it would be nice if there was an [ALT + Return] combination for dual use.
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