Lost Images - A New Twist

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Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:47 pm Post

On one small article I was writing, I placed some of my images under the wrong page. Not sure if that's the right name. They're the pages you make under the Drafts folder. When I noticed that the images were in the wrong place, I moved them using a cut and paste. Later, I noticed that the images were showing a grey box, but no images. Only the images that I moved were affected. Other images were okay.

No matter what I did, the images would disappear. I would remove the grey box and re-import the image. It would initially appear, then disappear either immediately after I would exit Scrivener and re-enter, or at some seemingly random time when I was editing the document; probably the result of an automatic save.

I went back and actually deleted the images from Scrivener and re-imported them. same behavior.

I then went out and renamed one of the offending images and imported it again. Same thing.

I don't want to post the Scrivener project file here, but I would be happy to email it directly to you, or share it in a Dropbox of Google Drive folder if you wanted to have a look at the problem. In the meantime, I think I know what I did to cause it, so I just won't do that again..

On another note: On one image, I added it to the bottom of the page. It went in, but it then also appeared at the top, where there was previously a grey box. I saved the project, and when I brought it back up, both images (the one at the bottom and the previously greyed out image at the top) were still there. I deleted the image at the bottom, and the one at the top went grey too. These were both the same images by the way..

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I am having a very similar problem with images I paste into the document.

I insert images by taking a screenshot using Snagit, then simply pasting (CTRL-V) the image into the document.
Initially the images display correctly, however some time later some images become greyed out (see attached jpg example).

The image seems to be now lost to Scrivener because:
1. If I right-click on an image that is displayed correctly I can select "Save as a picture" and am able to save the image to disk.
2. However, if I right-click on one of the images that is greyed out and try to "Save as a picture" Windows reports "Image is invalid. Cannot save invalid image."
It is as if a placeholder has been put into the document in place of the image, and the location (?) of the image has disconnected.

Not sure if these points are relevant or not:
- The Scriv document is in a subfolder in Research section;
- Inclusion of the images into compile seems quite random - sometimes there, sometimes not, although once the image is greyed out it is never included in compile again.

Anyone else having this problem? Seems to be a bug. Hope you can help

20160713 - Scrivener Image Bug.jpg
image which initially displaced OK, then greyed out
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I have the same problem with pictures (Scriv (Russian language), Win 10): my pictures dissapear and became grey "ghosts". Have you solved this problem?
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I don't know if you ever solved the problem with .jpg images disappearing inside Scrivener projects, but I have something new to report:

I just completed the second article that I've written recently where I inserted images and none of them went bad. What I'm doing different is that I import them from outside rather than bringing them into the project first.

What I was doing earlier was importing all the images I was going to use and storing them inside the "Research" folder. I don't remember the process from there, but somehow I would move or copy them into the document, where they at some point would go weird.

This time, with the last two articles, I imported the images from a location on the hard drive and never moved them into the Research folder. I simply inserted them into the document when I needed them No complaints. No problems.

I don't know if that's the key, of if it's simply that I have gone through a couple of upgrades to Lightroom (where I export my jpg files from), but the behavior seems to have stopped.