[1.7.2] Lag when typing letters and words

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I just downloaded and started to use v1.8.6 on my laptop for Camp NaNo - the trial setup. When I opened Scrivener to set up a project for next week's start of Camp, I found there was a really serious delay. I could type ahead and eventually it would display, sometimes with a delay of over 5 seconds.

I was also experiencing a "Not responding" issue with other apps and OS functions (Win 7) so I did a clean boot to try to figure out that issue. In the clean boot run, I had no problem with any delay.

However, I have had similar delays in my Mac version of Scrivener on PPC based Macs, though the delay there lasted only about three seconds and, like my Windows computer, I am having "spinning beachballs" when running two or more programs.

The delays may force me to use a plain text program for Camp. :cry:

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Did you try upping the autosave interval in the General tab of Tools > Options? That often helps with lag problems from frequent writes to the drive. Also check for any software running that may be intercepting the keyboard input, like text expanders, global macro tools, or antikeyloggers; if you have any, try excluding Scrivener from the programs it monitors.
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