Missing blank line after final item in list for EPUB & MOBI

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I'm using Scrivener for Windows BETA, and it has not fixed this problem in the official 1.6 release of Scrivener for Windows.

When Scrivener compiles to an EPUB file or a MOBI file, it fails to insert a new paragraph (blank line) after the final item in a bullet list or a numbered list.

For example, given this in the editor:

• item 1
• item 2
• item 3

Next sentence.

Scrivener produces this:

• item 1
• item 2
• item 3
New sentence.

When Scrivener should instead produce this:

• item 1
• item 2
• item 3

New sentence.

When Scrivener compiles to PDF, it works correctly, but when Scrivener compiles to EPUB or MOBI, it works incorrectly (failing to insert a blank line after the final item).

If I were to put a blank line in the source text after the final item in each list, this would defeat the purpose of having a single source for both ebooks and PDF output.

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What you're looking for is the after-paragraph spacing, which can be set separately in compile and in the editor display, so check what your e-book compile settings are. Note though that a lot of times ebook readers are going to ignore formatting you set, since this is generally left to the specific device or controlled by the user; in some cases, if you do set formatting, the publisher will reject it. I haven't double-checked for Kindle, but that may be the case here, as I know they have pretty strict settings on what the text looks like when delivered on the Kindle, and it may be that your spacing is just not applying.
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