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FINALLY! Kudos! thank you for making this version available.

I was going through the tutorial and found it very confusing when going through the Group Mode and Scrivenings Mode of the tutorial (not sure because it was 1 hour into the tutorial) :shock: but after trying three different times it seemed quite ambiguous. (i never found that "stack of papers icon)

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Hi guys,

I just wanted to notify you about my recent blog entry regarding Scrivener. You can check it out at:

Can't wait for the full product to hit this Hallowe'en.

Very best of luck to you all.


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Did the small screenshot of the toolbar icon in question not show up for you in the tutorial? It should be right above the purple highlighted text in Step 11. The yellow highlighted portion of this controller is the "stack of papers" icon.

Thanks for the nice review!
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