Congratulations Team L&L!

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Tue Mar 23, 2021 9:10 pm Post

Hearty congratulations to all the L&L team on the release of V3 for Windows.

Especially Lee and Tiho the developers, KB for the vision and everyone at L&L for putting up with all the 'are we there yet' for the past 3 years.

You've taken some shit along the way but kept at it.

Again congratulations! An amazing result.

Now to check the parlous state of my wallet. :lol:

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Tue Mar 23, 2021 9:19 pm Post

Thanks, RuffPub!
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Tue Mar 23, 2021 9:40 pm Post

Bonus!, I finally get to release my book on Scrivener V3 for Windows, :lol:

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Tue Mar 23, 2021 10:02 pm Post

Well done, everyone! Congratulations!
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Tue Mar 23, 2021 10:25 pm Post


Hat off to you.
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Tue Mar 23, 2021 10:32 pm Post

It's been a long road, but it has been worth the wait. Well done, L&L! Thanks for putting up with us...
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Tue Mar 23, 2021 10:44 pm Post

Well done all!!! A wonderful achievement.

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Tue Mar 23, 2021 11:02 pm Post

Congratulations to everyone at L&L, enjoy the celebrations!

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Tue Mar 23, 2021 11:09 pm Post

Congrats! Congrats! :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D
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Tue Mar 23, 2021 11:43 pm Post

Congrats. Hopefully the long hours and intense work pays off handsomely in all ways for the whole Scrivener team.

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Tue Mar 23, 2021 11:57 pm Post

Well done!

Congratulations, and continued success!

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Tue Mar 23, 2021 11:58 pm Post

Well darn, I have to pay for an upgrade after using the free beta for all this time.

j/k It's totally worth it. Congratulations, it's been a long road, but you made it!
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Wed Mar 24, 2021 12:06 am Post

What's that you say? Someone wants me to pay for the best free software I've never bought? Scandalous.

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Wed Mar 24, 2021 1:45 am Post

Congratulations on finally letting me pay you for the stuff that makes me happy ^_^

Reckon 40$ every... seven years? Ten years? I can't recall! A small price for the satisfaction I get.

I'd pay twice as much if it would fix the ongoing bullet bug though. Evil little monster that it is.

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Wed Mar 24, 2021 1:55 am Post

Congrats! I appreciate all the hard work, and especially your patience and your professionalism.