Time to give us an update for Scrivener 3 launch window ?

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It's been so long that I actually fear for S4.
How long will S3 life cycle be?
I mean... Mac development hasn't stopped right?
I would hate to finally get S3 and the next month see the announcement for S4 on MAC.
If that's the case, I rather get myself a MAC virtual machine and pay for a resold OS.

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Stoltverd wrote:I would hate to finally get S3 and the next month see the announcement for S4 on MAC.

What's missing in Scrivener 3 that wakes this fear in you?
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As far as I can tell, virtually all development for Mac has been done to make it compatible with changes Apple has made to MacOS (10.13 to 10.15.7, and now the change to MacOS 11 and the M! processor in new machines), and to deal with bugs introduced in MacOS that KB has had to work around. I haven't seen any new features, but I'm willing to be told I'm wrong.


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"Next year in Jerusalem!"


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Next year in Jerusalem!

So then, you're not planning on making the trek any time soon.