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So, I just wanted to know a couple things about this piece of software. The latest version of the Windows version is 2.9 beta? At least, that's what it says on my copy of the program. Also, where do I enter in my serial key? I purchased one for Scrivener, but can't find a place to enter in the key.

This is kind of a mac vs windows question, but I'm confused why the Arial font on the mac version looks SO MUCH nicer than the Arial font on the windows version. Is this just because of how the operating system handles fonts? I mean, that's fine if that's the case. There are plenty of other fonts out there, I just wanted to know why the difference was big.

Whenever Scrivener 3 comes out, will I be able to take my existing project and be able to open it in 3? If I already bought Scrivener, can I still update it to 3 when it comes out, or do I need to buy another license?

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The beta versions do not have the licensing code -- they have expiration dates, so that older versions that may still have unpatched bugs can no longer be used.

Projects made in the Windows 2.9.9.x beta/RC versions are v3 projects -- you can open them in v3 for Mac and will be able to keep using them when the Windows 3.0 release happens. The 2.9.9.x line is the beta version of the 3.0 release, after all. Once the 3.0 release happens, the licensing code will be active again and you will be enter your license at that point.

Depending on when you bought your Scrivener for Windows license, it may already entitle you to the free upgrade. If not, then there will probably be a price break to upgrade.
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shaysnile65 wrote: Is this just because of how the operating system handles fonts?

Pretty much, yes. The font is different, the font drawing is different, and the subpixel rendering system is different. And even using the exact same font, there will be differences. I see the same using the Windows version in Linux; it will look different using the exact same font from my Linux install, from other Linux applications.

That's just how things are. Different fonts are great for different systems. And also for different methods of printing.
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Yeah I had a default body style in Scriv3 for Mac that used Cochin, which doesn't exist for Windows unless you buy it and install... Everything came out looking horrible when I opened in Windows, but that's just part of the headache of getting a new machine. In the end I'm sure I'll be pleased.