Antidote: French spellchecker and language tool

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One of the most important tools for French language writing is Antidote. (
Could the programmers collaborate with the Antidote counterparts so Scrivener can integrate it?



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This has been asked multiple times. Spell-checking in Scrivener for Windows v. 1 is done using Aspell, and its associated dictionaries. In v. 3 (now in advanced beta) it is done using Hunspell, I believe, and its associated dictionaries. Antidote must fantastique, because everyone writing in French wants Scrivener to use it. But there are (I think) limitations in what can be integrated into Hunspell, and there are good reasons for using Hunspell that ... that someone else will have to explain, but they do exist.
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Antidote is really desirable. It's more than just a spellchecker, it's also a dictionary and grammar checker. It's intergrated in Word and Open office and Internet Browsers and also Mailing software. It really has to come onboard.

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osito wrote:It really has to come onboard.

Strictly by the definition of "have to" only KB can say that.

This discussion really should be in the Wish List section, because I can't see making this kind of change to just one version of Scrivener.
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