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I've recently started using a Surface 3 and have noticed that touch doesn't work very intuitively with Scrivener. It's mainly that I want to use touch to scroll the screen, but it always highlights text instead. In other Windows apps, touching with a finger scrolls, and using a stylus highlights. Is this something that could be fixed in a future version?

An alternative might be a "read mode" like in the latest version of Word. I am currently editing my project, so having a view that is built with reading in mind would be useful, particularly when I'm using my Surface like a tablet.

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This problem has been brought up multiple times. I don't think I've seen any response from the devs. I suspect they don't develop on a touch-capable device, and haven't seen this as a priority. I find it very frustrating that the program is inconsistent with touch interface standards in this way.

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The Win version is supposed to be as similar as possible to the Mac version, and Macs don’t have touch sensitive displays. You use mouse or touch pad and there is no stylus. Only iPhones and iPads have that, but then they use a simplified iOS version of Scrivener.
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