Long wait for new updates...

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Since winScrivener 1.9 update, there wasn't any other update. As we know, WinScrivener is quite different from MacScrivener.
As WinsSrivener user, I want to use the same functions as Mac. When is planned the next WinScrivener update?

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And: https://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=34577#p214280
We'll be skipping 2.0 and moving Windows to 3.0 with feature-parity with the Mac version, yes (at least that is the plan), but the way it's looking, Windows 3.0 will be several months after Mac 3.0 if we're going to achieve this. I'd love to be able to release at the same time, but the Windows version started off five years behind the Mac version and I've been constantly developing 3.0 over the past six years since 2.0 was released, so even with twice as many people working on the Windows version, it's a lot of ground to cover.

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Worth noting: Windows 1.9 already has more features than Mac 1.x had.


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Hmm. Mac 3 coming out several months before the Windows version is really going to rub salt into a few wounds. Especially the Windows users who keep losing work and struggle with high resolution problems, and particularly since there has been no update or bug fixing since the October 2015 version. Surprised at that.

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Broadsides, it's not what it looks like, really. :) These are two separate teams, as far as I know, they don't interfere with each other. We all wish for updates, fast bugfixes and all. Yet, people keep requesting all Mac features. So you either put your effort into patching swiftly, or try to eliminate a handicap of 5 years. Although, of course, I do not know the actual reasoning. This only feels most logic, is all.

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Note that the "next version" of WinScriv will not be WinScriv 3.0. There is an intermediate version currently in beta testing.

I'm not sure what the version number will be or what it will include. You can expect to see it concurrently with the iOS Scriv release, as it adds support for syncing with the iOS version.

Note also that the last release of Mac Scriv was in September, 2015. Large gaps between releases are not unusual on either platform.

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