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Scrivener for Windows Beta 1.3 and Windows 7
Usual behaviour in Windows is to remember the last saved location or last file opened location, within an application.
For instance, when I am importing files into Scrivener I would expect to select File/Import/Files and then My Documents folder to open up (which it does). However, on the next import I would expect it to go to the same last location. So if this was My Docs\Manuscript\Files_to_be_Imported I would expect Scrivener to remember this and go straight to that location again. However, this goes straight back to My Documents each time. This also applies to the Backup location.

Is this something that can be considered on future revisions?

The odd thing is though, is that if you then go to File/Save as - it reverts to the last location that you were importing files from, rather than going back to My Documents or last location saved.

Thanks for a great application though! :D

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Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:37 pm Post

In its current form, this is a Mac behavior and at a later point will be switched over to something more familiar to a Windows workflow.