Weird Blur

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Hey i'm sorry if that question already's been posted but in didn't see it in the topics. Since i paid the licence my scrivener version's been updated to the current one (1.9.14 I think) and my scrivener is now weirdly blured. Like everything i write is fuzzy, including new projects, and it's pretty tiring for my eyes. Is it a issue from my computer ? Can I do something to correct it ?

Thank you for your help !

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I have this EXACT problem and as someone with progressive visual impairments, I'm hunting for the solution. Unfortunately, It's creating such issues that I had to move to Word to keep writing. My headaches were getting awful. :/

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Try this:

Go to Options -> Editor -> Editor Options -> uncheck Use font hinting checkbox
Restart Scrivener

See if you still have the blur.

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