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Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:03 pm Post

My recommendation is to try both options (iPad/cheap laptop) out before you decide. Both are likely to work functionally but they will feel very different. Display and keyboard are key factors.
Costwise , there are possible extras (cases for both keyboard for the iPad - though you could also use one with the laptop if you so chose). Presumably you have to buy Scrivener in both cases (iOS/Windows)
If I am just writing I might decide just to dictate into my phone. If I am using all aspects of Scrivener, I prefer a laptop. If I am out and about, I might choose the iPad. I would definitely recommend a high end keyboard if you go the iPad route (Apple & Logitech both good).

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Dell Inspiron 15 5000 would be a great and cheap laptop that would be awesome for gaming.

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That Dell weighs more than double than Asus, cost more than double and have less the half of battery.

But yes, it more more powerful.

The point: if this will be your only pc, then you have to choose Dell o similar.
But if you want a 2nd pc, very portable then you have to not choose an heavy one.