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Re: Why don't folder progress bars work?

Posted: Wed May 27, 2020 4:28 am
by cStuartHardwick
kewms wrote:As noted, the column you want is "Total Progress," which should exist in Win Scrivener 3.

Fair enough, and so it does--the "Total Progress" bar does exactly what I want in V3, with one minor caveat--which I could not find any reference to in the beta forum, and didn't want to enter as a bug since I might just be missing something.

When I create a new project in Win 3 from a template created in win 1.9x, the Outliner with "Total Progress" and "Target" columns correctly show the targets I entered for my folders before saving as a template in the older version. HOWEVER, when I switch to scrivenings, none of the folders display a bullseye in the lower right corner, and there is no way to change folder targets anywhere I can find.

That might be a bug, but I see you've made quite a few changes to the folders and sections and groups, and it might be that there is just some easy checkbox I have to check somewhere to restore that functionality, and if that's the case, rather than cluttering up the beta forum, beta to note it here for those finding this thread in the future as I did.