How can one change the background color of a document / folder?

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I totallly understand your concern... the software does not have a direct solution to this but I guess I've found out an indirect solution. I write non-fiction and what I need is a note for clear (polished) writing and a note for the draft version for each paragraph I write. so I want to discern the difference between the two immediately, don't want to spend time to understand the difference or do not want to write in the wrong note by mistake.

so the solution I have found is to create a highlighted note for the draft version. it almost looks same as a note with a background color (i.e. just like you can do it in word). see the demo example in the attachment...

Biff wrote:Hello broadsides,

Thank you very much.

Actually this is not what I wanted in this thread, but it is what I wanted, if I remember it right, in another thread, really great, very useful.

Sorry for my bad explanation. What I meant is quite similar to the labels you just told me but for the background of the editor: In the editor (after clicking a folder in the Binder) I would like to make out special scenes immediately, for example alternate scenes or so. E.g. the background of the scenes (the arrow points to) in the editor shown on the screenshot shall be red or green or blue or so.

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Many thanks!

so the solution I have found is to create a highlighted note for the draft version.

Where, how can I get / create a highlighted note?
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I am trying to change the background colour too, but not for the same reason.

I am writing a novel where part of it takes place in complete darkness, and so I want those bits to be set on a black page with white text to make the difference between scenes very apparent to the reader (and to me as I am writing).

The highlight workaround does not look anywhere near what I am trying to do, since the line spacing is 1,5 and there are white spaces between each line.

But I am following this thread to see if a solution pops up.