Identifying child documents (items) as such

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:arrow: Looking at, working in, an item that is a child item, is there a way to see that it is in fact a child, some clue in the Scrivener app window that tells me the item's container, document or folder? Or better, shows me the parent's name? (And better still--the item's siblings!??!?! I have enabled the Parent's sub-item counter so I know the reverse.)

(This assumes that neither the suitably positioned Binder nor a relevant outline is displayed.)

I am thinking about some cue that I would get were I for instance to do a Project Search that found children but not their parents.

Such a cue would be of use, particularly when thinking about an item in a Collection.
(Looking forward I have hopes that the Collections panel will be expanded to show as many of my 20+ Collections as possible, that I will be able to work from there. In such a case the Binder would not be (mostly) visible.

... And then ‘knowing’ that there is an out of sight parent, quick navigation to it would be of use—even were that not a keystroke. :?
Or a way to open it in the other Editor.

(This is related to a note elsewhere, about seeing somewhere on-screen, not the full path to the item, merely its folder: Here, I'm changing that to '... merely its container'.)

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Perhaps these shortcuts will help?

Showing the item in the binder:
* Ctl+shift+8 (View > Reveal in Binder)

Going to the item's container:
* Alt+shift+left (View > Go to > Enclosing container)

Going to the editor selection
* Alt+shift+right (View > Go to > Editor selection)

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thanks brookter,

Yes, these would sometimes help:
But Reveal in Binder works only if I have the Binder displayed (which I mostly do), but even then, only when I'm not working with a Project Search hit list (which conversely, I often am);
View ... Container does not work in a binder view of a Collection (which is often the case for me);
View ... Editor selection likewise.

It would be nice to not have to apply a key/click each time I opened a document -- particularly for Project Search hits -- to know that the document is tied intimately to another.
I was thinking more along the lines of seeing it at a glance, not via additional keystrokes: Seeing it indicated for example on the editor's header bar -- for both a sub-doc and a principle, container, document.
(The operation of your suggestions for all binder like views constitutes a Wish List item I suppose :wink:, along with my 'no binder visible' and 'header notification' thoughts. And thinking a bit further as a Wish, there could be a default switch somewhere that says 'Open documents (only) in Scrivening mode' when applicable :!: :roll: )

And yes, there are workarounds -- a keyword, which requires that the Inspector Key pane is opened to know (?);
a tag line on both the principle and the sub document, or a S. link;
inclusion of the sub-doc in the principle's text;
using a different Scrivener entity for the inherent additional text/info;
but as i know it (as still a S. abecedarian) that would for my general purposes mostly remove from Scrivener's bag of tricks the sub-doc leg-up S. has over my previous 'writing' tool.