Binder/Outline Document relocation

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Mon Aug 01, 2016 5:43 pm Post

Emendation of OP: The sliding outline I report below happens apparently any time something is dragged across its editor window, left OR right, eg in dragging a to-be-linked item from the Binder across a RIGHT outline editor to the reference section of the Inspector.

- In the Binder or an Outlining Editor, when I click/drag an item from its container to another, closed, container, the focus gets sent to the top of the binder (outline), invisible. (Demonstrated by a left arrow's closing the top most container if it is open.)
I would prefer that the focus stay somewhere around whence the dragged item came.
(As I mentioned elsewhere, reading that the loss of focus occurrences are known, I'd not belabor it -- except when, like here, it is a common circumstance that I have to address.)

- Relatedly, dragging an item from the Binder across a left-editor outline too slowly shifts the outline from its 'left-aligned' container/document 'column' to its metadata columns. (The workaround is to move the outline into the right editor ... I'm not yet used to that arrangement to call it a 'solution' :roll: . Another workaround would be to take out the metadata columns, but then, the few I have are useful -- else I'd not have them. :wink: )
The shift also happens if my drag-relocation wanders too far right.

(Encountered while testing this just now:
Outline right, text Editor center ('left'), Binder Effects set to 'Right Editor', *Outline LOCKED*;
Clicking on a document in the Binder opens the document in the 'left' Editor.)

(Lest I be thought 'ungrateful' about the state of Scrivener, particularly as a newbie, I note that I am in the process of moving 100s of MBs to it from Info Select and as of yesterday, am resisting inputting new 'thoughts' there but rather in Scrivener -- :D . And I say this being a very 'grateful' and long-time user of Info Select, which overall capabilities only fall short for me in comparison to Scriv's 'compilation' output abilities and a 'recent' lack of support for my writing efforts.)