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In my attempt to understand the workings of the Backups I lost the last 900 or so words written on my project. Is there a way to recover them from somewhere?
Also, the backup function does not keep only the 5 last savings as ordered, and the backups do not appear in chronological order as per date.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Have you been working through this with the user manual? I'd recommend going through §7.8 (starting on pg. 65) if you want to familiarise yourself with the backup system. I'd also recommend learning with test material, rather than important working projects.

Regarding the sequence number appended to the project title in the backups folder:

User Manual, pg. 68 wrote:The sequence number cannot be used to determine [chronology] as Scrivener rotates through numbers. If you have not enabled the date stamp option, you will need to use your operating system to determine the modification date of the file.

That section will also cover in detail how to restore from backups, so I hope you find your 900 words through that. I'm not sure exactly what sequence of events lead to that happening though, so it's hard for me to say.
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This is covered in the user manual, but you can use the Scrivener option to append the datestamp to the filename to help identify the backups. Switching to the "Details" view in the file browser while you're viewing the backups will also let you sort the files chronologically by clicking the header of the "Date Modified" column.
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