Upgrade going to wrong file path, can't change

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Mon Jun 18, 2012 7:20 pm Post

I have been attempting to upgrade to

It keeps trying to install to a non-existent directory C:\Program Files\Scrivener_beta

I did have such a directory once, for betas 5 and 7, but I uninstalled it and deleted the left over folder. I then restarted my computer. In all of my upgrade attempts, I have only opened the official scrivener (C:\Program Files\Scrivener) and tried updating from within. Update still wants to install to the non-existent beta folder.

I tried moving the update file from the temp folder to the actual install folder of the official scrivener. Still wants to install to the non-existent beta. I finally let the install run, and that's when I discovered it will just make its own "Scrivener_Beta" directory since I don't have one.

So--is update actually a beta?

Or is it screwed up?

Since I don't see a link on the website -- in the technical support page or as a sticky in the windows forum (did I miss it?) -- Where should I look for an official version? My official scrivener program led me to when I told it to check for updates. Did it lead me astray?

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Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:20 pm Post

Could you try with this direct download link? For future reference, the latest official version can always be downloaded from the main website---easiest way to do so is to use the link at the top-right of every single page.

It's an odd result, the betas do not install in a special location ordinarily. They install right over the main copy, so I'm not sure why it's acting funny like that, but I just ran the update myself a few hours ago and it went smoothly into the correct folder. So maybe it is a problem with the copy that gets downloaded with the update notification.
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