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Just what I needed! Thanks.
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Thank you so much for making this list.
As I am new to Scrivener, but kind of form/structure freak, I would love to understand more about the hierachy in the format options. There are several folders/documents, named like "1+" and "1+" (document) and so on. What happens when I add another lever? Is there an easy explanation on how levels works? Say I want to change PART, CHAPTER, SCENE HEADING. So the result should go 1) PART 1, Chapter 1: Melinda arrives, Scene 1: At the coffe shop (and folllowing), like: PART 1, Chapter 1: Melinda arrives, Scene 2: At the house?
I have struggled to achieve this, but do not know which folders (and some folder might show up) in my formatting tab. When I try to compile, I get like empty headers for top level folder, saying "Part 1" and no text - until I reach Part 3. Hope this was understandable. Anyway, great post.

(BTW I also wonder how to change fonts for chapter titles and so on on compilling to a ebook. Thanks.

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The number that immediately follows the "Level" is the point in the hierarchy that the item applies to. So "Level 1" refers to items in the root of the hierarchy, while "Level 2" would refer to items at the next level, and so on.

Whatever level is currently the lowest level (for the item type in question) automatically gets a "+" symbol appended, which means that its rules also apply to all items of that type below it. So "[Folder Icon] Level 1+" means that the rule applies to folders at Level 1 and all levels below. If you create a new folder level, the original will become "[Folder Icon] Level 1" (meaning that it now only applies to Level 1 items) and the new item will become "[Folder Icon] Level 2+", meaning that it applies to Level 2 folders and folders deeper than level 2.

Keep in mind that each "Level" item has its own settings. So the checkboxes (such as the ones that control Title and Text) have to be set for each Level item that you create, and the rules that you set in the sample editor and the "Section Layout" settings are separate for each individual Level item (that's the whole point of having the Level items).

There is a pretty good tutorial here that might help you understand better how this works in practice: ... a-prologue

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Okay, I too have a similar problem as posted although slightly different. When I print out my entire MS my chapters are numbered correctly. However, say I just want to print out chapter three. Right now I choose that folder in the compiler to include only it and when it compiles it says Chapter One instead of Chapter Three. Is there any way to have it count each of the chapters (folders in a single hierarchy) so when I am compiling only chapter three it has the correct heading? Or do I have to name the folders Chapter One etc?

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